Depending on the floor surface we are cleaning the mattress on, we may put protective sheeting down to prevent spillage on the surface beneath the mattress.
We thoroughly power vacuum the mattress to remove as much loose dirt as we can.
We may pre-treat some stains.
A cleaning/sanitizing detergent is then sprayed on to the mattress.
Depending on your type of bedding, we will then agitate the fabric of the mattress with a soft pad, which has been dipped in a neutralising agent. This will either be done manually by hand, or using a mini hand held rotary machine. This produces a capillary action which wet cleans deep within the mattress’ layers.
If we were to just leave your mattress at this point, it would probably dry within an hour or two. However, we do prefer, where suitable for the type of bedding, to give the mattress a further rinse and extraction. While this does leave your mattress damp for longer, it does produce a better result.